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So you're serious about coaching.

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I'm Kyle Cross, a premier dating coach who specializes in helping professional, successful, and driven men like you find their dream woman.


With my guidance, I'll help you develop the core skills, mindsets, and behaviors to create core confidence and navigate the dating world with ease.

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I've put my knowledge into practice through countless hours of real-world infield experience and refined my techniques through trial and error and worked with some of the best coaches in the industry.​

I am a walking encyclopedia of the art and science of attraction. I’ve dedicated my life to self-development, social dynamics, and female psychology.​

If you want to learn from someone who's truly serious and knows what they're talking about, I'm the coach for you.


We'll work 1-on-1 to transform your dating life.

My program will help you supercharge your dating life.


With my guidance, you'll be lining up two to three dates every week and ultimately find your dream woman.


I’ll guide you through every step of the process and hold you accountable with regular check-ins to make sure you take action.


Plus, you'll be joining a tight-knit group of elite professionals who are all on the same mission as you.

Learn how to balance your career and social life as a professional man.

Learn proven strategies to attract and connect with high-quality women who share your values and interests.

Have weekly meetings as well as personal access to my private community for any questions that may arise.


Book a free call with Kyle

If you're really committed to changing your dating life, don't wait.


Schedule a call now, and pick a time that suits you best.


Let's begin this journey together!


*Note if timing is inconvenient (timezone, personal matter, etc.) I will reach out to you personally to find a time that works best for us.



Send me an email if you have any questions.

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